Conveyor belts, rollers, brushes and parts

For expertise in conveyor belts and all the related parts, you can’t go past HBS Wild. A family business with years of experience, we pioneered conveyor belt roller designs and specialise in producing custom-made parts for a wide range of conveyors across Australia and exporting to New Zealand.

Most of our clients are root crop farmers, growing vegetables like potatoes, carrots and beets. We’ve got the specialist knowledge in conveyor belts¬†and parts to make the production process easier for our customers, including:

We manufacture parts to service many of the leading conveyor brands, and can create custom-designed products in a range of materials to suit any specific needs. Our conveyor belts and related products are also used on other types of conveyors, like stone conveyor belts used in mining, and food production conveyor belts for companies like McCains.

It can be difficult to find replacement parts, as many of the larger manufacturers are overseas. HBS Wild are pleased to offer precision-engineered replacement parts for conveyor belt repair, created using our state-of-the-art high pressure water jet cutting technology. We offer a fast and cost-effective service, saving our customers the time and money involved in purchasing new equipment.

Please contact the conveyor experts at HBS Wild to find out more, or to request a custom part. We have also sent parts to other countries, including Canada and parts of Asia, and are happy to provide order and postage information.

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