Water jet cutting

HBS Wild is a specialist manufacturer of conveyor belt parts. We’re pleased to offer water jet cutting services to develop and produce high-quality, precision-engineered parts to suit our customer’s specifications.

Aside from offering agricultural engineering and manufacturing services, HBS Wild strives to offer customisable and individualised harvesting equipment, sizing screens and drives to ensure they have the best possible experience with what we provide. To do so HBS Wild invested in water jet cutting technology for precision engineering.

This water jet allows HBS Wild to open its doors to new customers, customers who originally had little need of our services. Specialising in conveyor sizing screen cutting, the water jet is also used for:

Using high-pressure water at 5000psi, combined with minute sand granules almost anything can be cut. From rubber and plastic to steel and glass, using low-pressure piercing ensures water jet cutting causes no damage to the finished product.

HBS Wild has extensive experience working with our clients, both co-creating and manufacturing conveyor belt parts to meet their requirements. Please contact us to find out more.

Our water jet cutting service extends across a huge selection of products, including conveyor rollers and our full range of potato harvester parts.