Segmented conveyor brushes

HBS Wild brushes effectively and gently wash a huge variety of vegetables, while removing waste products like stones and dirt. Our custom-designed and developed vegetable brushes are ideal for use in partial or full-submerged conditions, suffering no effects from the use of chlorine products or other corrosive washers.

Along with other organisations, HBS Wild is the pioneer of the methods used to wash the majority of the nation’s root crop. We played a major role in the compartmentalising of the fruit and vegetable brush – a change making it cheaper, and far more efficient and manageable for farmers and factory managers.

This original design, produced at HBS Wild, is used for brushing and waxing a wide range of crop, from squash and potatoes to avocados, citrus fruits, onions, apples and carrots.

HBS Wild polishing brushes feature the following:

  • modular units built to suit your needs
  • interchangeable for even wear
  • easily replaced when sections are damaged
  • bristle centres remain uniform, including join
  • large range of bristle available, including different lengths and stiffness.

If you're looking for durable and reliable spare parts for conveyors, HBS Wild can precision engineer a variety of custom-made parts to specific requirements.