Conveyor belt and water jet cutting services

HBS Wild are the experts in conveyor belt repair, including part replacement. As the industry pioneer, we’ve got the expertise across a range of crop conveyors, and can custom-design parts for replacement using precision-engineering technology, including water jet cutting.

Whether you need new vegetable roller brushes for your potato harvester, or replacement conveyor belts for any agricultural machinery, HBS Wild are pleased to perform repairs and deliver  a huge range of conveyor belt parts, including conveyor rollers and conveyor belt brushes directly to farmers and suppliers across Australia.

We’re the experts in custom-manufacturing, and can provide water jet cutting services across a wide range of industries and customer requirements, using our computer numerical control (CNC) technology.

Please contact the team at HBS Wild if you have any questions or custom requests.

Repairs & Parts Replacement

Unlike many other organisations, HBS Wild undertakes part replacement and repair to ensure farmers, or any other customers, get the longest life out of their equipment. Common conveyor repairs include: traction belting replacement as a whole or in sections conveyor bar removal and replacement or repair conveyor belt roller and sprocket and drive replacement replacement of...
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Water Jet Cutting

HBS Wild is a specialist manufacturer of conveyor belt parts. We’re pleased to offer water jet cutting services to develop and produce high-quality, precision-engineered parts to suit our customer’s specifications. Aside from offering agricultural engineering and manufacturing services, HBS Wild strives to offer customisable and individualised harvesting equipment, sizing screens and drives to ensure they have...
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