Conveyor belt parts and repair

Unlike many other organisations, HBS Wild undertakes part replacement and repair to ensure farmers, or any other customers, get the longest life out of their equipment.

Common conveyor repairs include:

This work is not generally undertaken by others because of the intense labor required. Profit margins tend to be lower for repair work, forcing customers into buying new equipment. This can be expensive and unnecessarily time-consuming. However, the repairs process is faster for farmers, allowing them to engage in crop harvesting for longer periods. HBS Wild specialises in making quick and reliable conveyor belt repairs, with substantially faster turnaround times than purchasing new equipment – ensuring farmers don’t miss important harvesting seasons.

Injection moulding

An injection moulding is the process of producing plastic parts of different textures, colours and hardness. This involves different plastics being heated to high temperatures and injected into moulds of various types.

HBS Wild offers injection moulding for vegetable brushing and sizing and other general engineering services.

Injection moulding is used in the manufacturing of segmented vegetable brush centres, as well as in some star rollers, plastic conveyor sizing screen parts and plastic bungs for inspection tables.

Please contact HBS Wild to request our conveyor belt repair service or custom-designed parts.