Conveyor belt flights

Flights, lifters or elevators are essential parts of a system of conveyors, particularly when it comes to harvesting and processing. These lifters move produce against gravity, they move produce from a low point to a high point, one low point may be a hopper and high point the back of a truck. These lifters provide a rigid bucket-like lifting system, which once harvested, lifts large quantities of farmed produce to inspection tables, hoppers, trucks, other conveyors and other elevator conveyors.

HBS Wild use a polyurethane liquid which is poured into a precision machines mould where it is left under heat to cure for one hour. These lifters and its base material inparticular offer great durability, strength and low maintenance while still offering massive lifting capabilities of any other material with the ability to be used constantly under water with no structural change.

All our conveyor belt products are made to withstand wear and tear, including high-level water resistance, and we ensure the repair process is as fast and painless as possible.

HBS Wild also offers conveyor belt joints and joining clips, which can be custom-manufactured to suit specific needs and ensure easy replacement if parts break.