Pintle rollers and conveyor belt rib drives

At HBS Wild, we’re proud to offer the latest in technology to make harvesting easier for farmers. Reduce the dirt and other soil debris in your harvest with custom-made, durable pintle rollers, smoothly operated using our conveyor belt rib drives.

  • Soft rubber pintles ensure damage is limited to produce
  • Used for brushing and cleaning potatoes
  • Used as drives for nylon sizing screens (see sizinig screens)
  • Available in sizes 3”, 4 ½”, 4 7/8”, 8 3/8”, 9 3/8”.

Ensure the gentle and easy transportation of your crop or product with our range of conveyor belt rib drives – made to suit your specific requirements.

For high-quality, custom-manufactured parts, including conveyor sprockets and drives, come to the experts at HBS Wild.