Conveyor belt parts and repair FAQ

HBS Wild are pleased to share our expertise around conveyor belt rollers and a huge range of custom-designed parts. We’ve got years of experience servicing different conveyors across a variety of industries, and work directly with farmers and suppliers to offer peace of mind.

Can you ship a part for my potato harvester to Asia?

We provide replacement conveyor belts and other conveyor spare parts across Australia and exporting to New Zealand. We can also send parts around the world, including throughout Asia. Please contact HBS Wild for order and postage information.

Can you replace the conveyor belt on my elevator conveyor?

Yes. HBS Wild has years of experience as leading conveyor belt manufacturers, servicing a massive range of conveyors, including:

  • digger chain conveyors
  • stone web conveyors
  • carrot web conveyor
  • finger conveyors
  • pintle web conveyors
  • haulm extractor conveyor
  • diviner web conveyors
  • hook chain conveyor
  • elevator conveyor
  • active side elevator conveyor.

We can provide highly customised parts, including conveyor belts, rubberised bars, conveyor rollers and conveyor belt flights to ensure smooth transportation of products along the conveyor.

I want to clean my crop without damaging it. What products do you have that can help?

HBS Wild was created by potato growers who made their own equipment to fulfil their specific needs. We understand the complexities of farming and have created a diverse product range to help make harvesting as easy as possible. This includes specially-fabricated segmented fruit and vegetable roller brushes and conveyor belt star rollers.

Can you repair the rollers on my conveyor belt?

Yes. HBS Wild is pleased to offer a conveyor belt repair service catering to the conveyor types listed above, and covering an extensive range of standard and custom-made parts.

We have access to and experience in operating computer numerical control (CNC) high-pressure water jet cutting technology, as well as injection moulding equipment for precision-engineered parts.

Farmers can bring their harvesters to HBS Wild for repair and part replacement, or we can ship parts direct to our customers.