Star rollers for conveyor belts

At HBS Wild, we’ve had years’ of experience designing numerous star rollers. Our primary focus has been clod stone and dirt removal from the top of any conveyor, as well as throughout the harvested crop.

These soft but durable stars convey potatoes or desired crop along, while all odd-shaped or sharp rocks are drawn into the contra-rotating roller and ejected from the harvest. Star rollers limit the level of purity required of soil when crop is originally planted, or even when crop fields are prepared.

All star rollers manufactured by HBS Wild guarantee self-cleaning properties and ensure smaller, more susceptible potatoes travel over the soft faces damage-free. This design limits the level and frequency of maintenance required, making it easy and cost-effective for agricultural businesses to use our star rollers.

  • 12-point stars come as an ‘A’ or ‘B’ type
  • Stars are arranged in an ‘A,B,A,B’ configuration – this equips the shaft with offset star fingers grabbing and removing rocks and rubbish.
  • Stars can also be moulded with internal washers or without washers.

HBS Wild offers an extensive range of custom-made conveyor parts, designed to make harvesting easier. Our segmented vegetable roller brushes are made to withstand high-level wear and tear and are easily replaceable.