Conveyor belt rubberised bars

At HBS Wild, we understand and cater for the many variations of both application needs and soil or crop protection demands. What sets us apart from every other agricultural manufacturer is the ability to wholly customise every part – every web and bar-covering a farmer or a supplier desires. With on-site access to CNC lathing, routing, milling and water jet cutting, we can readily design and fabricate moulds and dyes to suit individual needs.

The ability to customise parts means pintle lengths can be varied in a range of ways to suit different applications, including:

  • increasing length or diameter
  • lengthening or altering round rubber sections to allow for kinks in the bar
  • lengthening or shortening single bar rubber flights

At HBS Wild, we produce several types of standard rod covering to basic dimensions, which can be altered to suit a desired product for our clients. We also provide sizing rollers for a wide range of conveyors.